About Us

Thanks for stopping by and looking around the Brickyard! Having bought some pieces from stores on Brick Owl for my own creations, I thought I would open my own store and join this growing community.

I will do my very best to offer great customer service and satisfaction, just as I have experienced from other stores. With that in mind, here's a few things to note about how I operate...

Condition of pieces - I offer mostly second hand pieces for sale (although some new pieces will be available too), and I tend to describe them as 'Good' or 'Acceptable'. As we all know the older the piece the more likely it is to have suffered from excessive playwear and/or discoloration. Any pieces I come across that have excessive playwear are only ever listed if I consider them as vintage or rare parts, and in those cases I will do my best to accurately describe any issues. I will also be happy to supply photographs of the item(s) if you would like to see them before making a purchasing decision.

Mold variations/colours - Over the years Lego have made changes to some pieces, some of which are not so easy to spot (and possibly not so important to everyone). However, I felt that it was better to try and add pieces to their individual listing, especially as you may be looking for a specific part. That said, I'm only human and from time to time I might miss something! Also, within these variations there may be other subtle differences not necessarily covered by the catalog (for example molding pip location) and if you require a specific time period piece, please ask and I'm happy to check. No guarantees though! Again, please ask for photos beforehand to be sure I have what you need. 

Cleaning - I know that all pieces for sale should be clean, so irrespective of how they come to me, I always wash/clean parts before listing so here is my method. Firstly, they are left soaking in water with a solution of disinfectant for at least 24 hours (although it will sometimes be longer). During this time the pieces are occasionally stirred and excessively dirty pieces given special attention with a soft-bristled paintbrush! After this they are transferred to another container to be washed in water with washing up liquid. At this stage, any pieces that still show dirt are removed for further attention. They are then rinsed in clean water, towel dried to remove excess water and finally placed in an airing cupboard for a couple of days to make sure they are completely dry. Any parts that don't stand up to scrutiny at this stage are also removed for further attention.

Minimum order - There isn't one! If you only need one piece from me that's no problem. Obviously I would like it if you were to buy more than one, but I won't insist on you having to spend a certain amount.

Delivery - Although I have stated I will deliver within 2-5 days, I will do my very best to get pieces out to you sooner. I will allow a fair amount of time just in case you wish to add anything further to your order, so in most cases I will despatch the next working day. However, there are times when this may not be possible, hence the 2-5 day window. I operate in the UK, so will use the Royal Mail to despatch orders. Have a look at my 'Delivery' page for my postage rates.

I hope this answers any questions you may have, but if not, please get in touch using the 'Contact Us' button and I'll do my best to help.

Thanks again!

JayLast Updated: 22 Apr 2020